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dog walking

We realise that a busy lifestyle and other factors may prevent you from spending as much time with your dog as you would like. This can often lead to behavourial problems such as barking and chewing. Our dog walking service is designed to keep your dog healthy, both mentally and physically.

Services We will ensure your dog receives the necessary exercise and stimulation it needs, bringing it home happy and content. Your dog is fully insured whilst out walking with us and once back home we will take care of your dog by cleaning muddy paws, drying them, providing fresh water and food if required. We regret that we are unable to take bitches that are in season on group walks.

Duration Varied

pet sitting

We can take care of your small pets such as cats, rabbits, small rodents, birds and fish. Reptiles can also be looked after, but only with explicit instructions from you. (We are sorry this service can not be used for dogs for any more than a single day as we do not provide a late night service.) Through this service we cater for your pet in their familiar surroundings, something that can prevent unnecessary distress, especially for older animals.

Services We will adhere to your pet's usual routine - feeding, cleaning and playing with them as agreed. While you are away we can also collect your newspapers, water your plants and open or close blinds and curtains as required.

Duration Each visit lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Visits We recommend 1 to 2 visits per day.

All Walkiez services are subject to our Terms and Conditions.